What Kind of Refrigerant Does My Air Conditioner Have?


With the phasing out of R-22 (or Freon®) many homeowners are wondering if their cooling system is ready for the future. R-22 was deemed by the federal government to cause damage to our ozone and the phaseout process has already began to take place in 2010. If your air conditioner or heat pump was installed before 2010, it most likely uses R-22 (or Freon®). If it was installed after 2010, it may use HCFC-22, also known as Puron® or 410A. HCFC-22 is a newer, more environmentally friendly refrigerant that has proven to be very reliable. It also allows new air conditioners to run quieter and more efficiently.

If your air conditioner is still using older R-22, it will need to be upgraded in order to be compatible with R410A. When you upgrade your cooling system to R-410A, a new line set and new evaporator coil will be installed to replace the older non-compatible equipment. If a leak develops in your older Freon-based system, it is often better to replace the system than attempt to repair the system and recharge it. This is due to the current expense and availability of R-22. Upgrading to a new R-410A system will give you a 10 year parts warranty, up to 30 percent higher efficiency, quieter operation and peace of mind during the hot days of summer.

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